How To Use Receiptify For Spotify & Apple Music

A service called Receiptify serves this purpose. It looks like a portal for managing your account or viewing your billing history, but it’s actually a receipt for the music you’ve listened to. Album Receipts, an Instagram account that posted popular albums formatted to seem like a receipt, served as inspiration.

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The name of the track stands in for the “item” being purchased, while the length of the track indicates the “amount.”

How To Use Receiptify For Spotify & Apple Music

How To Use Receiptify For Spotify & Apple Music

A ‘total value’ equaling the album’s duration is included for authenticity’s sake, and the album’s copyright details and personnel are typically listed at the record’s tail end.

The outcome was an enormous fan base, and the appeal is obvious. This is a fantastic method for us to indulge in our shared passion for musical collaboration. In response to this need, Michelle Xiu developed Receiptify, which provides a customized alternative to Album Receipt.

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What does Receiptify do?

Taking your preferred albums and turning them into receipts is just the beginning of what Receiptify can do for you.

After signing in, it will comb through your playlists and determine the most played songs and artists over a certain time frame.

They’ll still come in the familiar ‘receipt’ format with song titles and lengths, but you’ll have the option to quickly sort through the results based on popularity across the past month, the past six months, or across the entirety of your subscription.

You can save a copy of your receipt to compare prices with others later or to post on social media.

When you use Receiptify, it’ receiptifies’ all of the music you’ve been listening to on services like Spotify and Last. Fm. It does what other Spotify fads have done in the past and analyses your listening habits before presenting the results in receipt form.

  • This app makes it easy to generate three distinct types of receipts.
  • What you’ve been listening to during the past 30 days.
  • A summary of your most popular posts over the past half year.
  • A comprehensive look at your top picks.

You may find the source code for Receiptify on their website, in the “About” tab. And you can rest assured that it only pulls information from reliable, authoritative sources.

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Benefits of Receiptify

Sharing some of your favourite songs as a receipt can be a terrific discussion starter and a great way to get more involved in online communities. Compared to just taking a picture of your playlist, this is considerably more engaging and intriguing to look at.

Receiptify is more than just a sharing platform: it’s also a music discovery engine, making it simpler to find new music. You may discover new music and styles by looking through the purchases of your friends and favourite influencers.

Enjoyment and originality: Receiptify is a unique and entertaining way to organize your shopping receipts and music playlists. This makes listening to and discussing music more like a game.

How to use Receiptify

#1. Visit Receiptify and log in with your streaming service credentials or your email and password.

How To Use Receiptify For Spotify & Apple Music

#2. Select a criterion from “Top Tracks” or “Top Artists.”

#3. select the time period you’re interested in (‘Last Month,’ ‘Last 6 Months,’ or ‘All Time’).

#4. Receiptify will instantly produce a receipt that you may either save or print.

How to use Receiptify for apple music

Receiptify can provide a receipt for a user’s music listening on services like Spotify and, but it may not function properly with Apple Music.

The Apple Music receipt was created by Receiptify.

Some of Receiptify’s features only function with an Apple Music subscription, but it’s still a convenient way to share your listening history with others. One perk of utilizing a streaming service is being able to track your listening habits and see how your music preferences evolve over time.

Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped are two year-end recaps that make it simple to observe the shifts. It might be more useful, though, to monitor these shifts over shorter and more frequent intervals. That’s where external websites come in handy. Receiptify can generate an easily shareable and viewable receipt of a user’s listening habits at any time.

How To Use Receiptify For Spotify & Apple Music

Receiptify is a service accessible through mobile devices that allows users to keep a receipt-style record of their musical consumption habits. Receiptify’s front page will feature links to sign in with Spotify,, and Apple Music. Receiptify’s privacy policy ensures consumers that their information is safe, despite the fact that the login process is necessary to access the music listening data related with a certain account.

Users who wish to sign in with their Apple Music account should click the red “Login with Apple Music” button. Depending on their iCloud security settings, some users may be prompted to use two-factor authentication to confirm. To grant access, use the “Allow” button.

Why Receiptify Might Not Work with Apple Music Home Pod and Apple Earbuds

When Receiptify fails to load, it’s likely because the user’s browser is set to disallow pop-up windows. You may enable pop-up windows in Safari by going to the Settings menu on your iPhone, selecting ‘Safari,’ and toggling off the switch labelled ‘Block Pop-ups.’ Chrome can show pop-ups if you launch the app and select your profile image from the upper right. Select “Content Settings,” then “Block Pop-ups,” and disable the feature there. After that, return to the Apple Music login page on Receiptify and try again.

A Receiptify will be generated after a successful login to Apple Music, detailing the user’s music consumption in an invoice format. With the ‘Download Image’ button just below the Receiptify, you can quickly save or publish this to your social network accounts. There will be a prompt asking if the user wants to see the image in their browser or save it to their computer because the image is being downloaded as a file.

Choosing ‘View’ will launch the image in the system’s default browser, while ‘Download’ will save the image to the device’s local Files app. Check the ‘Downloads’ folder in the Files app if the user can’t recall where the Receiptify was placed.

Because of how Apple stores information about your music preferences, Receiptify may not function properly with an Apple Music subscription. Only ‘Heavy rotation’ listening history is tracked at the moment and utilized to compile a “most played” playlist. Receiptify can’t make playlists for a specific time period because no time range is utilized to refine the data.

Receiptify can sync data from numerous music streaming services, but each service offers a unique user experience. It is compatible with both Spotify and Apple Music and can access listening data from subscriber accounts. It also works with, a separate site that correctly keeps tabs on a user’s listening habits and trends. When comparing Apple Music to Spotify and, Receiptify’s user experience is superior; yet, Apple Music still offers an excellent depiction of a user’s musical preferences.


These receipts not only reveal a user’s preferred tracks, but also the artists and genres that are most frequently re-purchased. When you choose this option, the site will automatically print out a receipt for your records.

Users of Spotify will be able to view an activity summary much like a receipt for a concert ticket. Anyone who chooses to share their Spotify activity will be able to view receipts of their purchases on the Receiptify site, which was launched in September 2020 and was established by Michelle Liu.


  • Question:- Is Spotify Receiptify free?

Answer- Receiptify for Spotify is available at no cost. Ads help to fund the website.

  • Question:-What does Receiptify do with my data?

Answer- Receiptify requires access to your Spotify account in order to function. For some, this may be cause for concern. However, the developer guarantees that they will never keep, collect, or disclose any of your information.

  • Question:- Is it possible to stop allowing Receiptify to access my Spotify account?

Answer- You can stop Receiptify from accessing your Spotify account if you don’t want it to collect your data. To disable Receiptify, simply navigate to your Spotify account’s Manage Apps page and select the Remove Access button.

  • Question:- Who created Receiptify?

Answer- Michelle Liu founded the independent service Receiptify. She attends Carnegie Mellon University, where she studies information systems.

  • Question:- Does Receiptify only work with Spotify?

Answer- Spotify,, and Apple Music are all compatible with Receiptify.

  • Question:- How do I add Receiptify?

Answer- In order to use the site, you will need to provide your Receiptify Login details. If you click the “Login” button in the notification, you will be taken to Spotify’s sign-in screen. After selecting the desired receipt, you will be given the option to view the most popular songs of December, the last six months, or the past six years.

  • Question:- How do I download Receiptify Apple Music?

Answer- To achieve this, go to Receiptify and look for the “Get Image” button in the site’s right-hand corner. You can find it farther down the page. When you click this, the download will begin on the device you specified.

  • Question:- Do you know where I can find my Spotify Receiptify?

Answer- You may access your receipts on your account page. When you begin a free trial or sign up for a new service, you will also receive a confirmation email.

  • Question:- How can I use Receiptify if I subscribe to Apple Music?

Answer- The software is accessible to anyone with an Apple Music subscription.

  • Question:- How often do you receive notification changes?

Answer- Receiptify’s compatibility with a given streaming service is service-specific. Due to the close relationship between your account and the statistics, the latter will only be updated whenever the former is.

  • Question:- Why isn’t apple music working on receiptify?

Answer- Some customers have complained that while logging into Receiptify, Apple Music does not appear, making it unable to display their favourite songs.

If this occurs, it’s usually because your browser is set to block pop-ups, which can prevent Receiptify from functioning properly.

  • Question:- Can I use receiptify without registering?

Answer- You don’t need to create a separate account with Receiptify; we pull in your data directly from services like Spotify, Apple Music, and

However, your email and password are shared with Receiptify even if you aren’t directly registering an account with them.

But don’t worry; your personal data is not sold or shared with third parties.

  • Question:- What sets Receiveify apart from services like Spotify Premium and Apple Music Replay?

Answer- Receiptify is an app that, like Spotify’s Wrapped and Apple Music’s Replay, compiles data about your listening habits to provide you with a retrospective view of the music you’ve listened to.

Receiptify isn’t the greatest option if you want a customized summary because of the information restrictions. In contrast, your streaming service will provide you with a more in-depth analysis of genres and listening patterns.

  • Question:- How does Receivedify determine my statistics?

Answer- Since Receiptify does not do any calculations or manipulations on the data it pulls from your streaming service account, you can rest assured that the data is accurate.

  • Question:- How do I view how many times I listened to a track in receiptify?

Answer- In order to see how many times you’ve heard a song; you’ll need to sign in to your account. This won’t appear on Spotify or Apple Music.

  • Question:- How far can I go with Receiptify?

Answer- There are three predetermined time ranges available in Receiptify. There are monthly, semiannual, and annual views.

Receiptify will search as far back as your streaming service’s data goes, but you won’t be able to access this data via a search of your own design.

  • Question:- Does receiptify work with duo or family accounts?

Answer- Yes, the statistics for all of your accounts will be seen if you have a multi-user account.

Consequently, if there are two users and one of them listens to a particular song more than the other, that song will be prioritized.

If you share an account with other people, you’ll need to enter the details of the primary subscriber (the one who really pays for the service).

  • Question:- What does AMT mean on Receiptify?

Answer- Receiptify’s receipt generator features a column labelled “AMT,” which corresponds to the “Amount” label found on physical receipts. In contrast, this indicates the total track time in minutes on Receiptify (when viewing Top Tracks). This is the number of times you’ve heard an artist featured on the Top Artists list.

  • Question:- Is it possible to connect other streaming services to Receiptful?

Answer- Receiptify is compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, and Keep in mind that you’ll need to sign into each service independently in order to access your records.